Durham Soccer

The Durham Region Soccer Association (DRSA), is the one and only governing body with strict rules and regulations that controls soccer in the municipality of Durham, Ontario, Canada. DRSA was founded in 1982 and was established to provide youth and adults a venue for playing soccer. Today, the DRSA has 1 district league and 19 established clubs.

Field Locations

There are various fields throughout the municipality of Durham but here are a few locations for a Durham field that might be close to you.

For a full an extensive list of the Durham field locations along with their address, you can visit the official DRSA website located here.

Durham has three different types of affiliated clubs. There’s the adult only clubs and youth only clubs. However, there are some clubs that are for youth and adults.

Durham Clubs

Youth Only – Ajax FC, North Durham United Football Club and the Oshawa N.A.S.C. Soccer club Adult Only – Ajax Adult Recreational Soccer Club, Ajax United Soccer Club, Durham Old-timers S.C., Durham Open Ladies S.C., Pickering United Soccer Club and The Superstar Women Over Thirty Both (Adults & Youth) – Brock Soccer Club, Darlington S.C. Inc., Oshawa Kicks S.C., Oshawa Turul S.C., Pickering Soccer Club, Scugog Soccer Club, Uxbridge Soccer Club and Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club.

Academies & Training

FC Durham Academy

The FC Durham Academy was founded back in July of 2013 and was known as Durham region’s very first training academy. Despite only being open since July of 2013, the academy has won over 20 awards in two short years, winning the first award in 2014 (Michigan Rush Kickoff Classic U17 Girls Group). FC Durham Academy offers several different programs to perspective students and other soccer players.

There’s a supplemental training program that costs $80 per person, as long as you’re a member of FC Durham. However, if you’re not, that cost goes up to $100 per person. This program is available to both boys and girls and contains 8 sessions. This program is open for U8 to U13 players alongside U8 and U9 competitive players. If you’re not currently registered with FC Durham Academy, you will be registered when you partake in the program.

The ATP Advanced training program for U10 to U13 players will be a much faster paced training environment, focusing on elements such as attacking, passing techniques, dribbling, agility, balance, speed, reaction, endurance and more. This program is also $80 for FC Durham members and $100 for non-members. Lastly, there’s the U14 to U18 program that will focus on the more advanced tactics of soccer and will push students to the limit.

Cancelling training costs $40 and there’s also a $40 NSF fee as of May of 2016.

FC Durham Academy Protocols & Regulations

There are rules and regulations to follow when your player is playing for FC Durham.

All parents are encouraged to observe the practice of their kids so that they can properly monitor their behaviour. If the discipline of a child or actions are an issue during practice, there is staff who can assist with the issue and remove a problem child if necessary. Make sure to have a meeting with the head staff coach within 24 hours of the incident to ensure proper measures are taken.

While parents are encouraged to help monitor the behaviour of their kids, ultimately, the players are responsible for their own actions and should be accountable for themselves.

If a player is found in violation of the harassment or bullying policy, proper safeguards and steps will be taken to ensure that a player is disciplined. There is no tolerance for harassment or bullying of any kind at FC Durham.

Summer Camp

For players not interested in the standardized programs, there are several summer camps available.

Grassroot Camp

This camp is designed for U4 to U12 players and is for the novice and beginner soccer players. Players who want to learn and get some playtime are encouraged to apply for this camp. It’s a relaxed and laid back program.

Advanced Training Camp

Designed for U8 to U14, this is for players who have a strong desire for intense training and rapid skill development on the field. All staff members are professional players with years of experience and titles under them.

Advanced Team Training

This program is very similar to Advanced Training Camp but is for teams of 10 or more players. They must be on a specific team and will focus on the core values of working together as a team to achieve victory.

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